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Shadows of the Soul

If you have an aversion to or are sensitive to reading about sexual assault, it is referenced in the prologue – but if this bothers you, the story can be read from Chapter One.

This is a MM shifters Fated Mates romance with a twist.

Max may not be keen to buddy up with the profiler, but he is loyal and understands the weight this case carries. As soon as he looks at the stunning man, his wolf goes belly up with lust, and the pining begins.

Darius, on the other hand, who’s been trying to confine his leopard to the shadows of his mind, is nothing but confused, and oddly curious about the man.

Join these men as they hunt for a sadistic serial killer, while Darius unravels the traumas of his past.

Can Darius learn to trust his leopard, himself, and Max?

Can Max stay loyal and patient after being pushed away?

And can they catch the nefarious forgiven killer, before he escalates again?

Trigger warnings: this story contains mention and memories/flashbacks of childhood physical and emotional abuse, depicts gruesome crime scenes, and has some on-page scenes, which mention and reference rape and torture (though not between the MCs. All from the killer’s perspective). There is also some adult language and hot and heavy consensual MM sex between our two lovers.


Unfortunately, Darius found that every time he relaxed, his father’s words raged through his mind, crumbling any semblance of serenity he was trying to project.
“How could you?” his father screamed, slamming him into the wall of his bedroom. “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, keep your damned mutt under control.” His father dropped his hold around his shirt collar and began to pace the short distance between Darius and his perfectly made bed. “Who’s in control?” he demanded.
“I am,” Darius mumbled.
“What? I can’t hear you?”
“I am,” Darius repeated, doing his best to firm his vocal cords.
“Well, you sure as hell didn’t today. What happened.”
Darius started to explain, he tried to tell his father he was being bullied and his leopard was only coming to his defense, but as was typical of his father, he didn’t bother to listen.
“You know what, it doesn’t actually matter, there is no excuse, none, for letting your beast have control. You could have hurt someone. Why can’t you grasp how dangerous the monster that lurks within you is? Tell me you understand!”
“I understand, sir.”
“I can’t say I believe you, but you will,” his father said, a cruel sneer on his lips.
“Go and fetch me my belt.”
“But sir.”
Darius’s father raised one singular eyebrow, and Darius’s shoulders slumped, “Yes, sir.”
Darius knew what was coming, so when he entered the room and handed the belt over to his father, he dropped his gaze and removed his shirt, turning his back and leaned into the wall to hold him up.
“Ten strikes should do it this time, and every time the belt hits you will repeat, ‘I am in control of my monster,’ do you understand me?”
“Yes sir.”
As the final blow sent Darius crumpling to his knees, his mother walked in and took in the sight of Darius in a mess on the floor, blood streaked his back and his face streaked with tears.
“He was fighting at school today, that sort of behavior will not be tolerated,” his father cried, throwing his hands in the air, “Don’t look at me like that, do you want him to turn into a monster? He must learn to control himself.”
Without a word, his mother came to his side and helped him up, steering him into the bathroom and tending to his wounds, she crooned gently into his ear, “It’ll be okay, let me make it better, he’s just doing what he thinks is best, one day you will understand.”
Darius was thirteen, and he knew by now there was no use trying to talk to his mother about how his father dealt with him, she would never leave him. But every time he was beaten, which was often throughout his teenage years, she would clean him up, and hold him close afterwards until his tears ran dry.
“Darius, Darius, sorry to wake you, but we’re home.” Dharma’s soothing voice cut through the darkness and brought him back. “Are you okay, you’re pale as a ghost?” Worry thick in her voice as she felt his forehead and checked him over.
“Stop fussing,” Darius managed to utter. “I was just… sleeping and…”
Dharma’s face changed, recognition flooded her features, and she dropped her gaze and nodded. “Let’s get you inside, shall we?”