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Secrets of the Soul

Secrets and dead bodies put their new bond to the test. Join Kane and Kevin as they put the concept “love conquers all” to the test.

Kane has been keeping his past a secret for so long he’d almost fooled himself into thinking he was safe. Unfortunately, once the bodies start turning up, along with a secret diary surfacing, he realizes that his fantasy of leaving his past behind was just that: a fantasy.

There couldn’t be a worse time to add a mate to his life, but as his bad luck holds, that is exactly when the Fates decide to step in and send him his–as if he needed another thing adding to the unshakeable feeling that he was losing his mind.

Kevin was having the best day ever. He graduated top of his class, his family was finally proud of him, and he met his mate. Everything was going perfectly until the bodies started dropping. Kevin’s patience is stretched thin, and his loyalties are divided when all he really wants to do is protect his new mate.

Kane and Kevin must work together to unravel the secrets and find a killer, while not losing each other in the process.

Triggers include scenes depicting death, mention of stabbing, shooting, being burned alive, torture, being held captive, and family drama.

But if you are looking for an angsty, fated mates romance, with a happily ever after, this is the story for you.


Kevin stared into his glass, peering at the whiskey as he swished it, the ice gently clunking against the side of the tumbler. “I know you feel it, too,” Kevin said quietly. “I just want you to know you can trust me, and I’ll wait for you as long as you need.” 

He felt Kane tense beside him. He tried to push down the hurt and the worry that Kane might end up rejecting him, and he breathed in the soothing scent that had drawn them together in the first place. He was momentarily thrown off kilter, but he quickly recovered. 

“You really believe I’m your Fated Mate?” Kane asked. 

“Yeah, my wolf is pretty certain, and now that I’m sitting next to you with no one else’s smell to mess with me, I’m set. You’re it for me. The Fates have decided.” 

“That doesn’t bother you?” Kane asked. 

“What?” Kevin looked up and peered over at Kane. 

Kane looked away, and Kevin instantly missed those piercing eyes.

“That you don’t have a choice?”

“But I do, we both do. I have no reason to believe they’ve got it wrong.” 

“You don’t know anything about me,” Kane said. 

“True, I don’t. So why don’t we start there,” Kevin said with a grin. “Gotta start somewhere, right?” 

Kane took another deep sip from his glass. Okay, maybe it was more of a gulp. It must have been because he’d drained the contents in two mouthfuls. He reached for the bottle, but Kevin had already beaten him to it, his glass empty, too.

“I’ll match you drink for drink, answer for answer,” Kevin said. 

Kane nodded and wrapped his hands around his freshly topped-up glass. 

“Tell me your biggest secret,” Kane said. 

“Shit,” Kevin replied, choking on the mouthful of whiskey he’d just sipped. “Straight for the big guns.” 

“Who knows how much time we have, right? Why waste our time on colors, foods, and how you take your coffee? None of that tells me who you are.” Kane snuck another look at Kevin from under his lashes and had an irrational urge to tuck his hair behind his ear to admire the man’s bone structure without the diversion. 

“Can’t argue with that, I guess,” Kevin replied. He set his glass down purposefully and ran his finger around the top of the glass. Kane had to look away. The action was simple enough, but it had created a collection of butterflies in Kane’s stomach and made his brain wonder how those hands would feel on him.