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He was an anomaly amongst the Array and never really understood why. After a fleeting moment of weakness, Garrick is confronted by the magic he has denied for too long.

Forced to face the demons of his past, can Garrick learn to trust himself when it matters most?

Lennox has lived a life in the shadows, always dancing the fine line between light and darkness.
He finally makes a choice, but is it the right one, and will it be enough when it matters most?

Two souls destined by Fate stare down their demons but can they claim their HEA?

The Fates are vying to get them together while the world (or someone else) is fighting to keep them apart.

This is an M/M Paranormal story intended for adult audiences. It contains intimate scenes between two consenting adults, some historical heartache, and swearing. Please store your eBooks responsibly.


Whispering trees, no sense of time, I feel like I’m going mad.

Logic and fear went to war. His mind reasoned their sole purpose was to drive him insane, which could only work if he listened to them. In an instant, he knew where he was. The only real question was, how the hell did I get here?

The Forest of Misery was a myth, a legend, a magical black hole in time and space. A place of punishment. Lennox had heard the stories of people disappearing, flawed people who never returned. Mages and thieves alike laughed as they told tales of the Forest that took and never gave back.

Leaving its inhabitants nothing but a shell of their former self, ravaged by the whispers that reminded them of every dark deed, thought and rumor.

Shit. Fuck. Damn, this Jerome must have some serious players in his corner for someone to cross Helena.

The Forest of Misery, legend said, was created from ancient magic, born from the tormented souls trapped within the trees. The perfect weapon, a jail without walls, their soft voices burned into his mind and soul, keeping his senses dulled so that he would remain trapped here.

The intention, he tried to rationalize again, was that he would eventually die a slow and painful death, lost in the woods, gripped by agonizing fear.

His mind waged war against the whispers, clinging to sanity like a life raft. Grappling to hold on to reality using his senses to keep him in his body and in the present moment – he smelled the deep woody scents, heard the animals rustling, and felt the warm damp soil beneath his fingers, he relished in the sensation of the water from the earth seeping into the knees of his pants.

He knew he had to get up; to survive this, he had to get out. He began to crawl forward.

Another wave of whispers caught him off guard, and he crashed to the ground and succumbed to the corresponding fears. The woods of purgatory reminded him of every sin, transgression, evil deed, and moment of hurt he had suffered in his long lifetime. Even those long forgotten by his mind were conjured by magic.

The loss… so many failures… Reliving every painful moment again… and again… and again. He begged for mercy, but no human soul could hear him, not here…