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*** NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This book has been revised, re-edited, and has had an additional 10,000 words added to it. The overarching plot and characters remain unchanged. ***



The Fated Fantasies Dating Service aims to make dreams a reality.

Freddy is an adorable hedgehog shifter who finds himself having one of the worst days of his life, but do the Fates have a different plan in store for him?

Archie is an obnoxious harpy, a driven businessman who thanks to losing a bet finds himself heading off towards his worst nightmare – a date!

There is magic in the air and budding friendships, and there has to be a bad guy to keep us on our toes.

This promises to be a sweet read, so fall in love with the Array today.

Freddy and Archie’s story is an MM Paranormal Romance. It is book one in what the author plans to be a series of six books plus a prologue (sort of).

This is an M/M Paranormal story intended for adult audiences. It contains intimate scenes between two consenting adults, and you may find a spot of bad language. Please store your eBooks responsibly.


Freddy was beginning to think he had finally gone crazy. His body was weirdly vibrating, his hedgehog was singing, his hands and feet felt like they were on fire, and he could swear that he saw flashes of light from the corner of his eye.
Being with Archie made him feel… different, just so other, and dare he say, more confident. Freddy didn’t know what to make of the mysterious and oddly abrupt man. He was a prize jerk one minute and cute as a button the next. It was gonna cause some whiplash soon if he didn’t even out.
But at least he admitted to the fact that we are mates, his hedgehog chuffed, sounding quite pleased with himself.
True, but isn’t it supposed to be all rainbows, butterflies, and love at first sight?
It was lust at first sight on both sides, the hedgehog chittered happily. That’s a good start; love develops in time, even with Fated Mates.
Freddy knew Archie was watching him. He knew he should say something to ease the tension, but he’d agreed to dinner, and Archie’s less-than-romantic declaration had hurt. He’d been so scared Archie would reject him… But something else was plaguing his mind.
What about the magic thing, is that what this is all about? Do I have magic, like Martha? He remembered his mother’s stories, the songs she used to sing, and the stories about hedgehogs filled with magic. One, in particular, seemed to be front and center in his mind. Something called an Array, a group of hedgehogs blessed with dragon magic centuries ago, would be called upon when the world was in need… Finding their mates was the catalyst to unlocking their power. But only when the Fates needed them.
Freddy mused about the implications of this as he sipped his gin and tonic. He also wondered which personality trait would remain Archie’s default setting. Freddy was adamant he couldn’t handle living with a jerk who insulted him, no matter how good he smelled or how much lust he seemed to conjure up in Freddy’s body.
But if they were mates – there was a claiming and everything. So, the most important thing to ever happen in my life… ever… could be happening right this minute… and I opted for dinner first? His hedgehog stopped singing and sighed.
There is more to our mate than meets the eye. He hides a softness deep in his soul. He’s thrown himself into his work and has become a bit of an… asshole. He can, like many, be mean, rude, and arrogant. A long time being alone has made him selfish. But meeting us and realizing we’re his mate… is tearing him apart because he has no control over how this goes or how it works.
So… Freddy interrupted.
So, your decision to prioritize dinner over anything else is perfect. He’s nervous and hesitant; you’re unsure. Let him open up and get to know what’s hidden beneath the façade he shows the world.
I guess the Fates have matched us for a reason.
Mating and claiming will happen organically, but making Archie wait is a gift for you both. He’s nervous and has never had to wait for sex or anything else, for that matter.
He’s hot and cold.
It’s been less than an hour, and this is not one of your books, Freddy.
I don’t understand him at all.
He’s got marks on his soul and has suffered through pain and loss like you wouldn’t imagine. In the life he created for himself, he has never been denied.
Well, not in recent years, as best as I can tell. He’s also adamant that he doesn’t need a mate, so this is a bit of a shock. The harpy told me he’s never seen Archie behave like this.
So I’m just supposed to let him process it or something?
What do your instincts tell you, Freddy?