End-of-year-itis is no joke! I’m on the home stretch of Secrets of the Soul. The older kids in my house are gearing up for exams and before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. I’m hoping to get some time off over the holiday season this year, but when you work as many different jobs as I do that is often difficult to achieve, but it doesn’t mean I won’t try, LOL. 

But that’s enough of that, let me introduce Silvana Falcon!

Author Bio

Paranormal romance with a twist.

Silvana’s Quirky Questions

Holly: If you were stuck on a desert island all alone with only three things, what would they be?

Silvana: Oh God, I honestly cannot imagine myself living without technology. I’d get so bored without all my friends on the internet, and there’s no electricity, right? So I couldn’t even bring a gaming console. I guess I’d want fireworks, all the fireworks, just for the chance that someone might notice me. 

Holly: Do you have any morning rituals? What are they?

Silvana: Sleeping. Seriously, I don’t do mornings. If I see a sunrise, it’s because I stayed up too late. When I do get up, though, I like to start the day by feeding my hamster and checking my emails while I eat breakfast.

Holly: When did you first call yourself a writer? 

Silvana: The first time I won NaNoWriMo back in 2010! I’m taking part in the event this month as well. I really love the challenge and the community aspect of it.

Holly: Tell me something from your bucket list.

Silvana: I want to learn how to surf and how to snowboard! Probably not at the same time, but still. I’d also love to go bungee jumping one day.

Holly: What secondary character would you like to explore more? Tell me about them.

Silvana: Sterling! He’s the doctor in my vampire series. I haven’t slotted him for a book, but the more I write, the more his gruff character is really growing on me. He’s not a bad person, he just has to deal with a lot of idiot vampires!

Holly: Who has been your favorite character to write and why?

Silvana: Probably Cale (The Cursed Dragon’s Untouched Mate) because he has no filter and that’s always hilarious.

Caller of Crows


He was prepared to gamble his blood, not his heart…

Sven has one goal: to become a vampire. It’s the only way he can save his mother from the disease that’s threatening her life. That vampires have always terrified him doesn’t matter anymore.

Determined, he seeks out the Caller of Crows, a way too handsome vampire lord by the name of Altair, and with his pulse pounding in his ears, he offers himself to the vampire and asks to be turned.

The problem is, Sven lives in a city that is ruled by the paranormal, and pure mortal blood has become exceedingly rare. A treat that every vampire lusts after–and Altair is no exception. He’s not going to turn Sven and let his sweet, sweet blood go to waste. Instead, he locks Sven in his bedroom as a valuable prisoner, as his property.

In his desperation, Sven realizes what he must do to get what he wants from the vampire: he needs to make Altair fall for him, to make the bloodthirsty devil see him as something more than a hot meal. He needs to melt the ice around Altair’s heart and make him want eternity with Sven… and he needs to do it without falling for the ruthless vampire in return.


Altair hovered in the doorway, his gaze tracing the lines of Sven’s sleeping form.

Chestnut hair spilled across the pillow, brown lashes fanned over pale cheeks. With his smart mouth closed, Sven looked deceptively innocent.

But Altair remembered the calculated gleam in Sven’s eyes as he drew a knife across his palm, smearing his blood over Altair’s lips. Sven knew exactly what he was doing. Temptation made flesh.

Truth be told, Altair had thought about sleeping in a different room today, but he didn’t want to show weakness. Who was he to let a mortal dictate his actions?

From the first time he’d laid eyes on Sven, though, he’d known that Sven was different.

Special, somehow.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, torn between desire and restraint. His fingertips traced the curve of Sven’s cheekbone, the warmth of his skin sending shivers up Altair’s spine.

He’d felt that warm himself when the first drops of Sven’s blood had touched his lips. He’d forgotten what it was like to feel alive until that moment.

Sven stirred slightly, his eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, but he did not wake. The sight of him lying there, so vulnerable and yet so tempting, tested Altair’s resolve to its breaking point.

Before he knew what he was doing, against his better judgment, he leaned down to smell Sven’s neck, feeling the steady thrum of his pulse beneath the skin. The scent of blood swelled around him, filling his nostrils and making his head spin.

His lips grazed Sven’s skin, touching it ever so lightly, and at that moment, Sven made a small noise in his sleep.

“Can’t resist, can you?” Sven murmured.

Altair’s gaze snapped to Sven’s face. The mortal’s eyes were open now, studying Altair. Judging by the sleepy look in his eyes, he hadn’t been awake for long, but his brain was quickly coming online, assessing the situation and trying to spin it to his advantage. He wasn’t alert enough yet to guard his thoughts, and Altair could practically see the mortal’s plan as it formed in his head.

Sven wanted to use this situation to try to seduce Altair once more.


Altair reconsidered what he was seeing in Sven’s mind. Images of him and Sven together, intertwined, naked, with Altair’s fangs in Sven’s neck and Sven’s cock in Altair’s hand.

Sven wasn’t making that up because he wanted to tempt Altair. It was what he’d been dreaming of before Altair woke him.

That realization gave Altair pause.

“You dreamed of me.”

The scent of adrenaline tinted the air between them, but Sven didn’t look away. “Can I keep nothing private?”

“Were you trying?”

The mortal swallowed, and Altair felt his gaze drawn to the movement of his Adam’s apple. It was clear that Sven was scared, somewhere deep down—as he should be. Sven continued to push past his fear, though. To help his mother? Or because he was just as drawn to Altair as Altair was to him?

Finally, Sven shook his head. “I wasn’t trying.”

“Your confidence will be your downfall,” Altair warned, trying to regain control of the situation.

“Maybe,” Sven said, voice growing fiercer. “But it’s gotten me this far, hasn’t it? You want me. I know you do.”

“You think you can manipulate me.”

Sven drew in a breath as if steeling himself for his next words. “I woke up with your lips on my neck. I don’t think I need to manipulate you.”

What I’m reading this week!

At Odds with the Gods by EJ Russell



A human kidnapped by Zeus and made immortal, now running a bakery, and a werewolf trying to start again in the shadow of his father’s mistakes. EJ Russel has done it again. This story was sweet, and funny, and had me enthralled from the first sentence.

Finn needs the world to cut him some slack, and Gary (Gany) just wants the gods to back off and leave him be. Cute pets, loveable side characters, a wedding, and a HEA. This book had it all and more.

new from me!

Secrets of the Soul

Soul Solace Book #3

Holly Oliver


Release date: December 11th, 2023

Secrets and dead bodies put their new bond to the test. Join Kane and Kevin as they put the concept “love conquers all” to the test.

Kane has been keeping his past a secret for so long he’d almost fooled himself into thinking he was safe. Unfortunately, once the bodies start turning up, along with a secret diary surfacing, he realizes that his fantasy of leaving his past behind was just that: a fantasy.

There couldn’t be a worse time to add a mate to his life, but as his bad luck holds, that is exactly when the Fates decide to step in and send him his–as if he needed another thing adding to the unshakeable feeling that he was losing his mind.

Kevin was having the best day ever. He graduated top of his class, his family was finally proud of him, and he met his mate. Everything was going perfectly until the bodies started dropping. Kevin’s patience is stretched thin, and his loyalties are divided when all he really wants to do is protect his new mate.

Kane and Kevin must work together to unravel the secrets and find a killer, while not losing each other in the process.

Triggers include scenes depicting death, mention of stabbing, shooting, being burned alive, torture, being held captive, and family drama.

But if you are looking for an angsty, fated mates romance, with a happily ever after, this is the story for you.

Want to read the first two while you wait?


I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of Holly’s Quirky Questions.

 A huge thank you to Silvana. You are awesome! 

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